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Laurelsoft is the education and training company. We provide a range of programs, short courses and funded training to develop skills that are applied directly into the workplace, and improve the performance of both individuals and organisations. The quality of employees and their development through training and education are major factors in determining long-term profitability of a small business. If you hire and keep good employees, it is good policy to invest in the development of their skills, so they can increase their productivity. Our Training services are for Corporate, Academia & Individuals


Laurelsoft can fulfil the educational requirements through public training, or more customized training at your company site.
Laurelsoft offers a large number of public courses to support the below areas:

Why You Should Use Us

Give us some time up front and we’ll get you the right fit. Candidates are thoroughly screened using interviews, reference checking(upon request), and skills testing. We can provide you candidates within 24 hours

Industries We Serve

Training Space

Trainings We Offer

Laurelsoft readily offers the below courses. Any of these courses can be tailored as per clients request. Laurelsoft also can cater for any of the Trainings as per clients need and necessity.

Course Code Course Name Course Duration
001 Java J2EE with Angular 20 Days
002 Data Science 32 Days
TT01 Advanced Java Course 3 Days
TT02 C-Sharp Dotnet 2 Days
TT03 Basic Java Course 3 Days
TT04 Android Development 3 Days
TT05 COBOL - 85 & DB 2 on OS/390 11 Days
TT06 COBOL - 82 & DB 2 on OS/390 11 Days
TT07 Linux 5 Days
ST01 Acceptance Testing 2 Days
ST02 Test Management and Risk-Based Testing 2 Days
ST03 Agile and Scrum Methodology 2 Days
ST04 Software Inspections and Reviews 2 Days
ST05 Test Process Improvement and Measurements 2 Days
ST06 Software Quality Management 2 Days
ST07 Software Testing Fundamentals and Best Practices 2 Days
ST08 Managing Software Test Process 2 Days
ST09 Developing reusable Test designs 2 Days
ST10 Test design process, Methodologies and techniques 2 Days
ST11 Evaluating requirements and Requirement based test design 2 Days
ST12 Effective Test Management 2 Days
ST13 Effective Test Planning 2 Days
ST14 Managing the Test Execution Process 2 Days
ST15 Writing Testable Requirements 2 Days
OJT01 Fundamentals of Java with Live Project 45 Days
OJT02 Fundamentals of DotNet with Live Project 45 Days
IBM01 Comprehensive Functional Testing with IBM Rational Robot 2 Days
IBM02 Comprehensive IBM Rational Functional Tester, Java Scripting 2 Days
IBM03 Comprehensive IBM Rational Functional Tester, VB Scripting 2 Days
IBM04 Comprehensive IBM Rational Performance Tester 2 Days
IBM05 Fundamentals of Test Management with IBM Rational Test Manager 2 Days
IBM06 ESB Architecture and Websphere MQ 2 Days
IBM07 Developing Message Flows & ESQL 2 Days
IBM08 Message Sets and Web services 2 Days
IBM09 Message Broker Administration and Testing 2 Days
IBM010 Web sphere Products and Design Considerations 2 Days
DUT01 Dollar Universe - Complete Training Level 1 5 Days
DUT02 Dollar Universe - For Operators 2 Days
DUT03 Dollar Universe - Product Fundamentals 1 Day
DUT04 Dollar Universe - Administration and Security 2 Days
DUT05 Dollar Universe - For System Administrators 1 Day
DUT06 Dollar Universe - Scheduler Plus 2 Days
SS01 How to be an Effective Leadership 1 Day
SS02 Effective Communications Skills 1 Day
SS03 Reengineering Human Potential 2 Days



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